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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Finding my Work-Life-Run balance

If the frequency of updates to this blog is any indication, I think it's fair to say that Work-Life-Run balance has not existed for me -- and perhaps the same for others reading this blog. As we all try to keep up with the daily grind of work and home, getting kids to sports/activities, school events, getting through holidays, etc - it is often that we all sacrifice things to help ourselves for the benefit of others.

I was fortunate enough to attend a great leadership session with the team @CCLdotOrg in Colorado Springs a few weeks back and it helped put a great new perspective on this balance. For starters, “self” has to be a priority. In order to achieve this I’ve tried to eliminate any other potential pitfalls to finding the time to run, including:

• bought a new pair of running shoes-so now I can’t wait to run!
• I also bought a new pair for my son as well, so we can run together 
• ‘dusted off’ the treadmill and removed any hanging laundry ;)
• allocated time on my schedule weekly, to carve out time to run

Now, all I need to do is to pick a race to target, so I have a running goal and to keep up writing and posting, to keep myself moving forward.

Happy running!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

My 2016 Year In Review-Good & Bad

We have all run into challenges to maintain our running schedules and mileage. Whether it's commitments for family, shuttling the kids to sports & events or even work related distractions, we've all faced them. 

This year was no different. Add to that mix some injury & health issues and you end up finding yourself evaluating more than your weekly mileage!

On a positive note, this year I've had the opportunity again to travel and run experiencing different countries. This year, the list included England, Germany, Switzerland, Canada. I make the best of traveling away from the family to send them snaps via social media to check out where I am; all the while, letting them know I'm safe.
London, England
Niagara Falls, Canada
Basel, Switzerland
Koln, Germany

Other positives include working with a new, exciting start-up/spin-off in healthcare business (hence my travel) and on a family note, seeing both of my kids progress to the next level in their respective activities. My son, playing for an elite/club team in soccer and my daughter making a dance competition team and then being given the opportunity to do more dances in competition.

On a lesser 'positive' note - we've had to experience the injury & health-related issues of not 1, but 2 concussions from soccer. My 12-year old son, has unfortunately suffered 2 concussions in just 5 months. And while he's doing better today-it's been a long road for him. The next few months will bring a lot of caution and physical therapy. Rather than chronicling my own running - I'll be focused on his training and recovery over the next few months. And while soccer remains a question mark for him in the future, he's excited to start his progress running as part of his journey.

So, here's to a Happy, Healthy New Year!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

A music icon leaves us, David Bowie

We each have our own preferences on music, especially as it comes to what we like to listen to while working out. The music might change with the type of workout (long distance, 5K race or weight training) but what remains the same is the impression and effect music has on our lives and how it moves us.

Today, we woke up to find that music has lost a tremendous influence. 
An innovator. 

And icon.

David Bowie has left us at the age of 69 after a 18-month battle with cancer.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Traveling: Awesome time running in different places!!

Let's face it. Sometimes business travel can be a drag. Running through airports to catch connecting flights (like O.J. Simpson) and being in meetings ALL day where you never see the outside of the building during daylight hours can be a drain. 

Over the span of a few weeks, I had a bit of a crazy work travel schedule - plus - a long weekend away for Memorial Day.  Business trips are not always an ideal for running and activity, since they often consist of being sedentary for the duration of the meeting, but I found a way to not only go out and run outdoors but to also take in some sights! 

During this time, I was fortunate to have the chance to run in multiple states and countries - in the time frame of just a few weeks. Shouldn't all our runs allow us to explore this much?!

Week 1: NY state
Hard Cider Run, Warwick, NY

Week 2: Düsseldorf, Germany
Running along the Rhine River

Week 2 Toronto, Canada
Early morning run on banks of Lake Ontario and through the marina

Week 3: Vero Beach, FL
Florida coastline looking out across the Atlantic Ocean

Week 4: Back in NJ
Having to juggle workouts with work... while taking advantage of on-site facilities

Week 5: Puerto Rico

I can only hope that I have the chance to keep exploring and checking out new places to run!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's over...FitBit

Almost a year ago I finally succumbed to peer pressure at work and got a FitBit, which was part of a work wellness challenge. It was supposed to be for a few months and then I was going to let it go.

After getting started, it was a little addictive to check my steps and miles. I did find myself intentionally walking around the house on weekends, to ensure that I would build enough steps, or to volunteer getting up to get something, just to add steps..