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Friday, August 10, 2012

Stay Fit on the road, thanks to New Balance

Running when you travel gives you a unique opportunity to explore new areas, check out the local landscape and take in new sights.

With business travel however, it can be difficult to fit in a workout. Demanding conference schedules, longer than anticpated meetings or last minute presentation preparation are all common obstacles that divide our attention between what we'd like to do (run) and what we need to do (work). These trips can be so demanding that often times we convince ourselves that we'll never have time to get a run in -- so why bother taking the extra space in suitcase for running shoes.

This week, I learned that New Balance has a great new program in conjunction with Westin hotels. So, I just I had to try out for myself.

The program called "Pack Light Stay Fit" lets Westin guests to order clothes and shoes to your room for a workout, all for a small, nominal fee -- which actually costs about 1/3 of the pay-per-view movies in my room.

So, I called the desk and gave them my sizes for shirt, shorts and shoes....and waited.

What I expected to get was paper-thin, worn out clothes and just poorly conditioned shoes. But imagine my surprise and delight when I looked in my bag and got brand new clothes and shoes...

--New Balance dry-fit, reflective t-shirt
--New Balance long shorts
--brand new pair of New Balance 880's

plus a pair of brand new socks....everything with the tags still on them

Now -- I no longer have to worry about fitting extra clothes and shoes. And best of all, no more packing sweating, stinking clothes back into my bag!

Thank you New Balance!!

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